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And this might be one of the reasons, I suspected this early on after I had moved to Australia:

I was surprised to find so many children diagnosed with Asperger’s in Australia. I barely knew any back in Germany. In fact I only know one.

I got my diagnosis after my son got his. I read a lot of books, visited a lecture and suddenly it dawned on me that this was me.
That’s why I felt like an alien all my life.

What you are telling about your Mum makes me think my partner might have it as well… but that’s another story.

I had been on meds for 11 years before I moved to Australia and I was doing well. Unfortunately that brand isn’t available in Australia, so I dropped them.
Now I would like to take them up again but I wonder whether I would have to go through the whole diagnosis process again. Not really keen on doing it again.
I could have a letter from my former doctor translated, but not sure if that would help.

Girls are definitely different, they usually aren’t hyperactive (but can be on the inside!), daydreaming is an issue and being quiet and that’s why they fall under the radar.