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Thanks for the response, Tikay.

Your comment about under-diagnosis is really interesting. Certainly the idea of adults having these issues is something I have never heard talked about; like many, I actually thought that it was something kids grew out of. I also think that, like autism, it presents differently in girls than in boys and that this is only just being acknowledged. People think that there are really obvious, stereotypical behaviours inherent in both ADD/ADHD and in autism, and if someone doesn’t show those particular traits, their behaviours are dismissed or ignored. It’s more widely understood now that girls with autism, for example, present very differently than do boys, and are more adept at ‘masking’ and simply mimicking behaviour that is considered to be ‘normal’.

Since looking into this for myself, I find myself looking at my Mum and one of my brothers and wondering if they have ADD, too. My Mum is in her late 80s and my brother early 60s and the thoughts of being aged with all the difficulties that alone brings, PLUS ADD, is just God-awful.

My brother is notorious for not taking advice, not listening, not acting even when it’s clearly in his interests to do so. As a result, he is all but alienated from our other two brothers and a source of exasperation to my parents. Mum will read a headline and first paragraph of a news article, panic, and ask me about, almost always saying, ‘I didn’t read the whole thing, but … ‘. My Dad is early 90s and has dementia. I keep telling my Mum about small things she can do to make his, and her, life easier, but she never does any of them! Drives me nuts! But now I’m looking at these things in a whole different light. Not helping me deal any better, though!