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Cat Woman Do

It’s taken me a while to contribute bc my jaw has been on the FLOOR! I’m 50 years old, diagnosed just a couple of years ago which helped me piece together all the issues but also mourn for the years I’ve lost in not formally knowing I had ADD although I suspected. After reaching and watching webinars & hearing all primary, secondary, tertiary etc impact of the blockage, I couldn’t relate more to the insecurity, social anxiety, EVERYTHING. And now to read that there are other people facing the challenges of self-sabotaging I’m overwhelmed. In my case, I truly can not get a grip on doing things I do not understand. I do not know how to start or end assignments. I’m currently consulting and looking for full-time work which is so hard as someone with ADD. I spend countless hours turning my wheels and not making any progress and suddenly the day is over . I’m constantly talking to myself to get a grip but sadly I can not. I am on meds which is great but as you know doesn’t rid you of the disease. And as time goes on the med impact has dissipated. Any advice? Words of encouragement? Virtual highfives?!:)