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I’m back for what is probably a non ADHD posting. Let me say that I’m not in any danger, nor am I a threat to myself or others.

Depression sucks. it’s had it’s dirty claws into me for decades, and it always comes and goes. I’m on antidepressants and antianxiety medications, as well as my ADHD meds.

I’m finding myself increasingly “blank”. I feel quite lonely, lack purpose and drive, want to nap all the time. I have little patience. My son is the only part of my life that makes me smile. I’m in a job I will be great at and enjoy once I’m through the required exams, but until then I spend my days alone at my desk doing review. I feel disconnected from my wife.

I’m struggling right now. I’ll be increasing the self care and I know I’ll pull out, but I needed to admit this to someone other than myself.