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I try to sometimes flip my ADD problems on their heads and use it to my advantage. It doesn’t work with everything, but it DOES work with housekeeping. Sometimes.

Like, normally I have a HUGE problem with finishing tasks. But in the case of housekeeping, I have a problem with the perfectionism thing you discuss. I get it into my brain that I have SO MUCH to do that doing just one little part of it is worthless.

But then I flip it on my head and say “hey, you don’t have to FINISH the job today, you can just clean the bathtub and do the rest later.” Normally this is kind of a bad thing, because you can’t just do part of your taxes and leave the rest for later. But with housecleaning, if I AWARD myself the ability to do just part of it and not have to finish, it’s like a treat. And I actually get some stuff done because my ADD brain is too confused to know which part of the equation to be stubborn about, the work part or the slacking off part. And so if I do just part of it, it means that later maybe I just have to sweep and mop, because the tub is already done. And then if guests come over it’s like “okay, so the floor wasn’t swept, but at least they didn’t get an infection from using the sink because at least that part was done!”