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I’m not alone!! I am the Queen of self-sabotage. If I wrote down all the times I have done this, I would have an biggest book ever!
I am 63 and diagnosed about 5 years ago. I have often wondered what would have happened if I found out sooner? But we can’t do that. One of the good things I did was go to school and become an IT tech in my 40’s. I thrived in the chaos geek world because there were basically no rules at the time. Desk jobs shuffling paper were never my friend. I would get in trouble all the time.

I now work in a cardiac ICU as a clerk/gofer. Obviously, chaos is a daily adventure. This makes my brain happy.

One big problem recently is that I have diabetes and need to check my blood sugar several times a day with poking my finger. No amount of alarms, notes, sledgehammers whatever helped. I KNOW I need to do this, yet my brain would not help. Thank the Lord they have sensors now that I can check whenever I want. No finger sticks. My glucose has been at a much better level. It’s techy so my brain loves it! I tell people my husband got it so he can track when I go to a yarn or quilt store and zapp me to keep me out of trouble! I won’t go into how many projects I start that never get finished.

So, to answer the question, YES it is very real and hard to manage by yourself. I have no answers but reading what other people do is very helpful.

Gillian (Queen of Self Sabotage)