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I have an 18 yr old girl with ADHD and ODD. As her councilor describes her ” She’s hardwired “. My talented, beautiful 18 yr old is a hand full, like your daughter. The world to her is black and white. We have tried medications multiple times but without success. She won’t swallow a pill and had a bout with an eating disorder 2 years ago which we caught early. she was in in a hospital for 3 weeks and outpatient counciling for another 6 weeks. We were soooo luckly, but she will most likely deal with her eating disorder all her life. ADHD meds cut appetites.

We found a councilor 2 years ago she loves, after failing with 5 previous councilors. This councilor connection is key !!! Our girl is gifted with beauty and athletics. She runs and excels as a sprinter, which fits her personality. Hates school because its hard for her to focus/study and finish tasks. Despite her academic challenges she is a great writer and quick verbally. Unfortunately her mouth is mean also. She is drawn to dangerous things- drugs, e-cigarettes and teen sex. We have avoided any major issues so far and she has pulled back on her risky behavior. Kids with ADHD are 3-4 years behind maturing behind their friends. We are trying our best to keep her out of harms way and hope our endless efforts help her grown up later in life than most. We are constantly supporting anything she is interested in and succeeds at. Helping her maintain POSITIVE friendships and activities is endless and exhausting but so worth it !!! Hang in there with her and support her despite that she probably wont thank you at first.