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Hi Anni Lyn,

Oh I definitely think it’s a thing and not just you. But we have to redefine what “self-sabotage” really means and where it comes from.

For me, sometimes I’m just sick of trying to fit into a mold, so sometimes I refuse to follow certain routines I need in order to “function” in a neurotypical world out of rebellion. I KNOW it will land me in hot water, but I will do it anyway because I’m just so frustrated.

Sometimes I’m trying to learn a new routine to help keep my house clean without waiting until it’s a total disaster before I explode into manic mode… but then I try to change too much too fast and fail at it anyways because I tried even thought I *knew* I was biting off more than I could chew… because dang it I wanted to be “normal”.

The point is… while we may not intend to truly “self-sabotage”, we still make choices sometimes (for a variety of reasons) that we know potentially sets us up for failure. We know the possible, if not probable, outcome of those choices, but we make them anyway…. because to heck with logic. 😉