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I was diagnosed at age 54, and it sure explained a lot about my procrastination, depression, etc since grade School.
I also woke up at 3 or 4 am with my mind racing, anxious about remembering everything I had on my mental to-do list and remembering all I’d screwed up (sometimes back to childhood!
I tried trazodone in increasing doses and that finally helped.
It also helped to reduce screen time, as suggested above) before bed and use some of that time to make a prioritized list for the next day.I was often able to remember it without looking at it because I had written it out by hand and I kept it short.
I reduced my trazodone with my doctor’s supervision and eventually eliminated it. The last thing I learned was meditation. I began to spend my first minutes in bed silently doing self affirmations and wishing each member of my family good health, peace of mind,joy and compassion.
When my mind inevitably wandered, I noticed it and returned to my affirmations and “blessings.” Finally I remembered people I had heard about recently who were even worse off than me: those dealing with natural disasters, violence, serious illness or injury, etc.
I also do a similar “walking meditation ” each AM as I walk the dog, often up to 2 miles or so. (This is easier now that I’m retired!)
Hope this helps. I know what it’s like to endlessly fiddle with medications and dosages.