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Hi! I’m a self-sabateur too! Yep, life-long member…even way before my diagnosis a couple of years ago. I just saw this post pop up in my email updates, and I have to say that it may well be a thing. I can’t say for certain among the men, but with so many women now getting a diagnosis later in life, we spent years trying to cover up all of our struggles in an effort to fit into the mold of what a girl/woman is expected to be by society! For me, that came with a strong streak of perfectionism, which means that if I don’t perceive a definite successful outcome to a situation, I avoid it. I stick my head in the sand and procrastinate! It’s a huge source of shame, and it starts with my personal shame. Where is the exit sign in all of that? I have self-destructed so many times now that I feel like a tired, withered phoenix bird.