Reply To: ADHD and lots of autism traits


I’d say there’s no harm in trying for it. I experience the majority of the above too!

But ADHD does share a large overlap with autistic traits that get overlooked/dismissed. Such a sensory processing issues, ‘obsessive’ special interests, meltdowns, eyecontact difficulty, trouble with sarcasm (or vague communication), making friends. They’re just not spoken about much, because they’re often underesearched or called by a different name: ‘tantrums’ that are actually meltdowns, ‘fidgeting’ that’s actually stimming, ‘obsessions/hyperfixations’ that are actually special interests, ‘pickiness/fussiness’ that’s actually due to sensory issues. etc

If you feel it’s worth going seeking out an autism diagonosis, then that’s awesome. ADHD and Autism are very commonly comorbid with each other too. I think it’s always worth trying to learn more about ourselves! There’s no harm in trying to understand your experiences better.