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Hey, there. So, you’ve been having trouble with him lying incessantly, no matter what. Well, let me tell you this. In the ADHD mind, we blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, and more often than not it’s a lie. And when we lie, we feel like we have to stick to that lie, or we’ll get in more trouble for telling the truth. I don’t think he means to lie, it’s the whole “We speak before we think,” and that leads to the first thing we think of falling out the mouth, usually a lie. I recommend doing this. If he lies, and you know it’s a lie, give him three chances to tell the truth. The first chance, he lies. Tell him that you’ll give him two more chances, and you already know the truth. If he lies again, give him the last chance. If he lies the final time, that is when you tell him that he would be in less trouble if he had told the truth, and then give him his punishment. My mom does this with me, and I often just tell the truth because I want to be in less trouble. Try this, and see if it works. Good luck!