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I don’t think you should give up. I’ve done the same thing your friend is doing Mia. I never meant to hurt my friend I don’t always realize when I do it and recently my good friend who lives in a different state then me gave me a huge wake up call. She told me how it makes her feel when I do that and I can hear how she felt in her voice while she talked to me and I made the decision right then that if she text me no matter how I was feeling I would respond. She is also not needy. Another thing happened about 6months ago I think. I told my brother I would come by his shop in the morning cause I need his help with something anyway I never showed up when I said I would and he called me and I didn’t answer his call. I didn’t call him back until 3 days later. Again I heard it in his voice And the way he explained to me, I realized how wrong it was for me not to call him. I told him when I missed our set time to come by I felt bad for screwing up I ignored his calls because I didn’t want to face him. I felt like I had disappointed him for not being able to show up. He said it doesn’t matter to him if I show up or couldn’t. He just wanted me to call him and tell him I’m coming or I can’t cont makoit that’s all. He explained that when I didn’t show up and didn’t respond to his calls for three days he doesn’t know what happened and then he worries did something happen to me. He said just call