Reply To: Straight-A student with ADHD?


Hey there from a fellow straight-A student with ADHD 😉 I’m now 27 and completing my PhD, so please know that ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence or how well you do in school. Of course many do struggle, but some of us have either covered up our issues or learned some healthy or unhealthy coping mechanisms. I also loved school, which generally helped with the hyperfocus… I was very forgetful and always daydreaming, but my mum was great (also similar traits!) and let me have odd days off to catch up on projects I had forgotten about or left until the last minute. I also used to carry ALL of my books around otherwise I’d forget them in my locker etc. I really encourage you to read up on ADHD and try to deal with some of its challenges now, as my problems only really started during university when the structure was much looser and organisation landed on me not my parents. But please know that you aren’t crazy or alone with this! You should be proud of yourself for all you have achieved.