Reply To: Stimulants vs Non Stimulants


Has the doctor requested a genomind swab test? They use Genecept results to look for the most effective and tolerable dosages of treatments for ADHD. “This type of test is essential because each person’s genetic code is unique. Several genes dictate how medication is processed in the body, how effective medicine may be, and whether the patient could be at risk for side effects.” My daughter and son have had this test with positive results.

Genetic Testing for ADHD Patients From Genomind Can Help Them Get Better

Several years ago my oldest son, he is 28 years old now. I have four kids two of them are adults and still have a son and daughter at home. They all have been diagnosed ADHD. Anyway my oldest son started having hallucinations. In my son’s case he was taking to much medication. When a person is taking to much medication, stimulates, it produces to much dopamine in the brain. Which can cause hallucinations, hearing voices, … Long story short, I cut back on his medication and I got my little boy back. He made it though school and graduated. He is married and has a little boy of his own. My grandson is 3 years old and he acts just like my son did.