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I was sitting here really upset with our school system and read your post. I really don’t get what or where they get some of their “rules” from. I do know how you feel, all 3 of my boys are ADHD. I knew when I got a call from the school one of them did something to get in trouble. The older they got the less calls I received. I honestly feel that once they are labeled a troubled child. If something happens your child is the first one they look at. My youngest son is 16 years old. When he was in elementary school he was in the principal’s office, it seemed like weekly. There were times when my son got blamed for things he didn’t do. I know this because my son wasn’t afraid to say, how it was. He went to middle school and I never received a call. He is now a sophomore in high school and I still haven’t gotten a call. I ran into his elementary principal a few years ago. He asked me how my son was doing and I said to him, he is doing great and I haven’t gotten any calls from the principal. His comment to me was good, it must be the teachers. The teachers made all the difference. He walked away and I just stood there, thinking about what he said. About the bullies in school. My son has told me and even some of my son’s friends. They are afraid of telling on a bully. They have seen a student tell on a bully and the bully bullies that student even more. Now that they are in high school, it is not uncommon for a bully to hit another student for telling. My son has said to me if he gets hit, he isn’t going to just let the kid keep hitting him, he will fight back. Our school system rules are if you get into fight doesn’t matter who started it or what it is about. Both students are expelled from school. Another one of their wonderful rules I don’t get is a student is only allowed 10 absent days a year. Doesn’t matter if they are excused with a doctor’s note or unexcused. After that CPS, police, prosecutors office are called. I could see a problem if the student is skipping school but if they are really sick. Doesn’t make any sense to me.