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Penny Williams

The genetic testing only looks at a fraction of the items that determine if a medication is right for an individual. Effective ADHD medication treatment depends on the individuals neurochemistry needs, metabolism, and genetics. The genetic testing you’re referring to tests a small number of potential genetic issues with a dozen or so medications. My son had had many severe reactions to SSRIs and amphetamine-based stimulants when these tests came on the market. We do two different ones and both came back that there were zero issues with any of them. The reason being that the 4-5 genetic polymorphisms they test for were not the cause of his bad reaction to some medications. These tests are helpful to tell you which medications to avoid, if your child has one of the tested genetic abnormalities. That’s it. One of the original companies pulled their test off the market when the FDA cracked down on their marketing promises — they knew it wouldn’t be a profitable product for them if they couldn’t tell people it was the way to know which medications will work for someone.

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I am a huge fan of Ross Greene’s work. It’s the foundation of the training I do with parents. It’s really a very effective approach, but schools aren’t implementing it (unless you live in Maine where Greene does). Your son’s school has to look at his behavior differently. It’s not a “bad kid” or “bad behavior” and he doesn’t intend to hurt anyone. The behavior is just a symptom. Request, in writing, an FBA: Functional Behavior Assessment. Done right, this process will help teachers and administrators determine what’s causing him to lash out.

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