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Just a quick update. Today was the end of the first two weeks at my son’s middle school. Unfortunately, a kid in his class has been picking on him since the beginning of the school year–kicking him, calling him names, etc. After a difficult day at home last night (he got into a huge argument with his younger sibling; my husband got angry; I encouraged him to walk away; we ended up in a huge argument ending in both of us bringing up the “D” word, me crying until I almost vomited), he was likely at his wits end and ended up punching the kid and then scratching a teacher who was trying to intervene. We won’t know until Monday what the outcome is with school. I’m researching SOAR next. And wishing I could find a great ADHD Coach or Advocate before our IEP meeting in two weeks.

My husband and I are at our wits end and heartbroken. We so desperately want to do the right thing and find the right approach. This area is lacking Behavior Parent Training. Also lacking anyone who could guide us through Ross Greene’s approach. We don’t feel like we can do it without assistance. We likely need family therapy and I’m guessing individual therapy for the siblings and our ADHD son if he’ll attend. We’re considering trying medication for him again if he’ll take it. Also, does anyone know if genetic testing is offered or works for helping to “hone in” on the correct or best medication?

Praying that this family can make it through this… TIA for any additional advice. So sad and confused.