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Coming from a 58yr young man a friend like you would be beyond words to describe. Always being different failing starting over and never getting the correct meds I needed. Always turning to booze and cocaine to knock the monkeys out in my head. Being labeled an alcoholic and addict. Yet once correctly diagnosed and properly medicated. I can take a drink and don’t drink to get drunk. I can see the back end now. But to friends I’m still an addict and drunk who think I take meds as sn excuse. If I had a friend like you. I would hang on tooth and nail. Yet at somepoint for no reason at all I wld do exactly what your friend is doing. If she gets in touch. God Love u for being there for her. Not until I was in my 40’s did 1dr. truly help me with my dissorder. Still it’s a daily struggle. But now I have a fighting chance👍🏽