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Thanks for the replies. I was taking 60 in the morning with breakfast and topping up with 10 more at lunch with my energy drink. Now I just take it all at breakfast and still do the monster drink at lunch.
I can tell it isn’t working anymore. I don’t care about feeling it. My physical symptoms are returning. My trade requires me to have my shit together, and I’m slowly starting to revert to my pre med state of mind. I can feel it, my gf can see it on my days off when I don’t medicate, and I’m being told to slow down, calm down, and other crap I heard pre meds at work. Along with that anxious pukey feeling that I get when I’m trying to get everthing done at once.
The only dependence I have is knowing how I was before and not wanting to go back to being like that. That feeling of stupidity because you can’t keep anything straight in your head, it’s infuriating. Although being ahyperactive had its uses back in the day with my old life, I now prefer being able to focus on one thing and getting a good five hours of sleep a night.
Sorry,kind of ranty, wasn’t my intention. I’m just getting frustrated.
We’ll see what the doc says, I’ll mention some of your ideas.