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The second point of Newbie99 (diminished clinically expected results) that is related to the first topic (loss of Euphoric effect) has not been addressed because of the rush to speak about the euphoria issue of the medication. It is a separate issue! : See below quote:

“I have further noticed that i’m not as productive as i used to be and when reading i have relapsed back to my old ways of reading without absorbing what i’ve just read having to re-read over and over to understand what’s going on?”

This, in my experience, is not directly related to the reduction or disappearance of the euphoria effect. In fact, my ADD symptoms are magnified many times as a result of taking the medication, just a few hours after first taking it! This was not the case when I first began taking the medication, years ago. I am unable to retain or remember what I had just read a few pages earlier, even with better focus provided by taking the medication. I am able to focus, but not remember what I was focused on!!!!

This has nothing to do with the political issue of the euphoria affect and drug addiction of ADHD medications that seems to have crept into this discussion!!! It has everything to do with the medications not delivering the vital clinical expected beneficial results!

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