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So in the UK, it’s pretty much terrible wherever you go. The waiting times are a disgrace, and it’s just a sad reality. I saved for quite a while to get the funds for a private assessment. The assessments can be costly, but in the end, pay off. It’s better than waiting for two-plus years. Here is the problem though. If you go private and your GP does not recognize or feel comfortable being part of a shared care program, between the specialist dealing with your ADHD and him/herself, then you have to pay for private prescriptions, which is expensive.

For example:

(Branded) Concerta XL 34mg (Methylphenidate) = £58 with pharmacist markup added.
(Generic) Xaggatin 54mg (Methylphenidate) = £58 with pharmacist markup added.
(Branded) Elvanse 30mg (Lisdexafetamine) = £75 with pharmacist markup added. << No generics are available for this medication.

Avoid Boots, Llyods, etc.

If you go private, go for the generic medication. Pharmacists can add stupid prices on top. I always advise you to find an independent pharmacist. These offer better deals closer to the guideline prices. I’ve heard it can take years to get a diagnosis on the NHS. I would slowly save up whatever you can get, and just put a little aside. Sad that we have to do this, but it’s the only way to get seen sooner. I would also suggest trying to get your local GP practice to maybe fund the assessment? I don’t know if that’s possible, but they do sometimes offer services not found on the NHS if it’s really needed.