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Because we’re different, we’re constantly berating ourselves for not doing what is expected of us. But what is expected are the rules according to a non-ADHD world. I think if we stop being so hard on ourselves and realise that we have limitations, and we can’t help it if we don’t get everything done.

Instead of setting all of these tasks because we think we should be able to get them done, just aim for one or two. The 10,000 steps thing is also a myth that was a Japanese marketing campaign. the 10,000 ideal was plucked out of the air because it sounded good. So that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about 😉

Worrying about not getting everything done, often leads to us not getting ANYTHING done. Which makes us feel worse. Maybe set aside a couple of days a week when you’ll cook a special meal for yourself, so then you don’t feel so bad on the day’s you cheat a little. I always find that lists help me a lot.

But above all, just go easy on yourself.