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Hey Anna

I start University next week doing a Masters. I nearly died (not literally) from anxiety completing my undergrad. Only during the summer when chaos stopped and stillness came peaking its head around the corner did I realize I had a problem. I was diagnosed a few months ago. A lot of my life turned upside down, and I found it difficult to adjust. I took a year out of university to work on my health. Of course, this delayed my progression, but it helped immensely. During that year I started doing intense exercise. This was my medication because I didn’t even know I had ADHD. Fast forward to finishing University as an undergrad, and that’s when things got hard for me.

Quick tips:
1. Record audio of lectures.
2. Become an early riser (6 to 6:30am)
3. Time medication window (The window in which meds are most effective) and take them shortly before those classes.
4. Study music is good. Background noise and nothing too complex.
5. When the overwhelm takes over, take a break. Re-access and jump back into it.
6. Study Diary (picks days for different classes to study)

I would offer more, but you can only write so much on these forums lol.

I wish you nothing but success with your studies. You can always reach out if you need an ADHD buddy who’s been through University already. Reach out if needed. 🙂 Good luck Anna!