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Anni Lyn

Hmmmmm, food for thought. Thanks for your comments. It’s like Goddess Michelle is my twin. However, if I understand correctly, Penny suggests that even though I am consciously making the opposite choice from that which benefits me, it’s neurologically difficult for me to make the beneficial choice. I am curious about KitanasFan’s comments. I could have written that exact same first paragraph. Could you please elaborate on, or refer me to research about, our decisions and reasoning making sense in the neurodiverse world. Is there any way I can develop a healthy mindset in order to become healthier physically, mentally/academically, socially and spiritually. Since I am neurodiverse, how do I choose to care for myself instead of choosing the opposite?
I would be truly ecstatic if I could follow a routine, delighted if I become disciplined and set aside the time required to exercise my dodgy knee, read my Bible, walk 10000 steps a day, even eat properly. Is this possible?

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