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I’m taking vyvanse myself right now,I’m at 40 mgs I’ve been on it for a year,its done wonders for me, take 40 mgs as well as 50mgs,I take 40mgs when I’m not working as well 50 when I am.ive noticed its lost effectiveness somewhat with certain issues.ive learned how to manage a bit,when I do things in repetition it becomes easier.What other stims have you taken,I’ve taken Adderall instant,Adderall XR up to 30mgs,Concerta,cotempla, far Vyvanse has worked the best.if you want to switch I’d find a medication closest to Vyvanse,I did not like Adderall XR for many reasons,you can also take a drug holiday to let your system reset,if you need more help I’ll try to be of assistance.cheers