Reply To: Vyvanse increasing blood pressure


Saralou73… I just thought I might put this thought out for discussion. I used to take cipralex (sp?) for axiety about 7 years ago but I didnt find the benefit outweighed the side effects. And now that I am doing well with the Vyvanse and much more engaged without the struggles we ADD people feel normally,one of the benefits I now have is a more sense of calm and my anxieties are manageable and basically a non issue anylonger. Personally I believe for myself that my prescription of anxiety meds was actually a product of my until recently undiagnossed ADD. This may be something for you to consider and the reason for reaching out with my post. I can’t talk to your BP questions and wish you well.

Jerseysouthshore… so far so good for me without the BP medications but I have really become an ingredient hound and make sure to limit my sodium intake whenever possible and reduced my bread intake, and of course exercise as best I can…lol. Thanks again for your contributions.