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I, unfortunately, don’t have a psychiatrist or a therapist … and never did. I got diagnosed with ADHD indirectly.

I have always had an abnormally good long term memory. I do something small for a client and two years later they look me up and I not only remember them, I remember them and their project like it was last week.

A few years ago … my long term memory started slipping … I started getting fatigue … started getting brain fog … started having more word finding issues … and so I went to my GP … he sent me to a neurologist … the neurologist sent me to get evaluated by a neuropsychologist … and that was a mess from the get go.

It took six months to get in, and I had a lung infection when I went and was on an IV … it was an 8 hour test … and my IV would need to be changed half way through … and I said I could do it, but he didn’t want the hassel so he decided to try to shove the evaluation into 6 hours. Then the guy asked me questions about my childhood and problems in school … I made the mistake of telling him a teacher thought I had ADD … because his whole body language changed after that … and then he told his student who was giving me the exam to change the test to something else …

And four hours later I walked out with the knowledge that I had short term memory issues … no answers on my long term memory issues or fatigue or brain fog … and a diagnosis of ADHD … and I was told to go see my GP …

My GP just said … okay I guess the problem is ADHD then, lets put you on adderall … and that was that. But at least the Adderall helps with the fatigue/brain fog.

At this point, I don’t really trust doctors … I think I need to do research and find an answer for myself and then if there is good evidence that its something other than ADHD … or that I have something in addition to ADHD … like ASD … then I will try to find a doctor to make my case too … by the same token, my research may tell me that this is exactly what the doctor said it was and I need to accept it, even if it wasn’t a problem I was looking to fix really.

Either way … I don’t think I can just trust a doctor. Even if the doctor was sincere and really knew what they were talking about, I think my level of trust is so low that I wouldn’t believe them. So, unfortunately, this is something I have to do alone for now. But for other people who might read this and be in a similar boat, I hope your advice resonates. I think its good advice for some people.