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Thanks for the response. I have had insomnia since I was 12 and now 34. I was given a lot of Benadryl as a kid to help me sleep which it sure did. I don’t want to go down that road again or the road of benzo’s and zopiclone. Trazodone seems to help but the all day sedation and depressive feeling is not worth it. I tried Seroquel many years ago long before medication when I was really struggling and took it one night and felt extremely agitated. I’m not sure if I would get that effect from it now or not as many years ago I tried trazodone and it was awful too. It seems like as I deduce the trazodone I get a withdrawal effect from it that’s not very pleasant at 75mg, maybe it’s the lack of sleep not sure but it will make my vyvanse feel like I didn’t even take it. I had mentioned those blood pressure meds to my dr before but he wanted me to stick with the trazodone. Never heard of mydayis, I have tried Adderall XR and the up and down feeling all day long as the medication would release was a roller coaster that wasn’t for me. Just couldn’t get use to it. I really like the way the vyvanse acts I feel at a constant all day. Would be nice if the vyvanse would kick in faster the 2 hour delay sucks that’s one thing that was awesome about Adderall 30 minutes or less. Thanks for the help. I’m going to ask my dr more questions. Let me know if you got any other thoughts. Thanks