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Discuss in depth with your doctor.
Your dose of Vyvanse in not out of the question and everyone needs to find the right dose. You may also want to look into Mydayis if you need a longer lasting effect. It is fairly new and is more or less an extended Adderall XR.
If you have trouble sleeping, upping the stimulant dose or taking it too late in the day is more likely to make things worse than better for sleeping. But, everyone does respond a little differently.
Try Intuniv or Clonidine. These are mild blood pressure medications that can have a calming effect at low doses.
Ativan can help get you to sleep but won’t keep you down long/ Seroquel at sub-therapuetic doses can also help make you sleep better. For me, 25 mg of Seroquel will put me down for 12 hours.
If you are like a lot of ADHDers (and me), you dont like to read. Grab a book with no pictures (like a cheap novel) and try to focus on reading it. That can put you down too.
No TV or screen time for at least an hour before bed. That will help signal your brain it is time to sleep.
Lastly, for some, going to the gym and working out later in the evening can quiet the mind and prepare you for bed.