Reply To: CBD


I wanted to chime in on this thread because it is very important to all of us. I am not denying that CBD has a therapeutic benefit but I am not supporting it either. I want to shed some light on CBD in general:

1. There is very limited regulation on CBD products and they can vary widely by manufacturer and can also have high variability between lots of the same product from the same manufacturer. Most regulation is at the state level so consistency of products will be an issue.
2. There is a higher tolerance of THC impurity in states that have legalized marijuana. THC can be found at trace amounts (~0.3%) up to 5% and still be acceptable in some states. Don’t be surprised if you take CBD and test positive for marijuana in a drug test and have never smoked or ingested marijuana.
3. CBD is delivered in many ways – through skin, swallow, inhale. It is difficult to quantify how much you get from each method and switching can be difficult to compare
4. CBD may alter the effects of other drugs you take. Consult your doctor before starting CBD since certain drugs may have increased or decreased effectiveness when combined with CBD
5. There are no well controlled clinical trials that show a therapeutic effect of CBD (in anything). By well controlled trial, I mean the type of study that the FDA will accept to allow for treatment of an indication (like a pharmaceutical)
6. Careful what you read on the internet. Remember, Facebook and Google filter your search results to things they think you want to see. This filter can bias what you are reading and you really need to dig deep to substantiate any claims made by any product.
7. THC (as an impurity) can have detrimental effects on a developing brain (children), there are no long term data for CBD in children. Be careful!!!!

I just wanted to bring these thoughts forward for those looking for more information. It is not my intent to say CBD is bad (except for children, adolescents and young adults because of THC impurity) but to make sure you do a little homework before taking someone’s word that CBD is a cure all.