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Trying to fit in

I think everyone has different results with CBD and various brands. I first tried Charlotte’s Web. Nothing. No ADHD or anxiety relief. Then I heard about Lazarus Naturals. It didn’t do a thing. CBDDistillery. Nope. CBDFx. No luck. Sometimes becoming desperate to relieve my anxiety I would buy various cbd brands. A few years ago I was in Colorado and bought some gummies with thc to try microdosing. I cut the gummies up in small pieces. It relieved my anxiety and I got a few nights sleep. I don’t live in Colorado so I went back to trying cbd. I finally had luck with Koi. I vaped and used the tincture. After taking it for a few weeks it didn’t seem to work as well. My dog is on the Koi dog spray and it helps her thunder freakouts. This month my bank account is not happy so I can only find a little relief in what the insurance company pays for. I’m wondering why the cbd stopped working for me. Next month I’ll try again.
Everyone is different and has different results.