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Congratulations for making through Medical School. You already have the tools to succeed, you just need to maintain control of them.
If you are like me, you should write your notes and dont transcribe to a computer, do that later (it takes more time but you learn better) and will have a better memory of the interaction for when you see the patient again. A good therapist really helps, especially when you can’t use a stimulant to aid your executive functioning. Also, in practice, surround yourself with people that compliment your strengths and help cover some of your weaknesses. As you go into practice a good NP or RN will be an immense aid to you, especially if that person understands how you function. It’s not that they will do work for you but would be a good primer for getting you at the right starting point to access the information in your memory as you need it. One of the biggest problems with ADHD is where to start and what exactly you need to access from your working memory. A primer person can really assist in getting your focus in the right place. You may not work well in a major healthcare conglomerate since you will time limited constantly and the pressure to turn patients and paperwork over will be high. You will probably do best in a small private practice or specialty that allows you more time with a patient.
I am in the medical profession and have put myself in a research position. This allows me to think and ponder a little more without the pressure of a patient in front of me. I am also very shy and do not handle people well face to face. I progressed to this area naturally since I was not diagnosed until I was about 15 years into my career! You have a great head start to understanding yourself and can jump start your career in the right way.
You have a great gift in ADHD and can use it to benefit many patients since you will see things a little differently and may help them when they have not gotten answers in the past.
Congratulations for making it this far and here’s to a great career ahead!