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Sam k

I am currently on a waiting list to see an ADHD specialist after 25 years they finally nailed it. I am 40 years of age and never had a full time job with a full salary and now I understand why. It was the social anxiety, mood and motivation which made it difficult for me to get comfortable in the workplace with my colleagues. Also in adhd brains there is a split between knowledge and performance, so we have trouble retaining and recalling information. I have dropped out of college and university, started over again, chopped and changed courses. In some cases I never completed what I started, gained mediocre grades or failed altogether.
I have a degree which I haven’t put to use either.

The only time I managed to earn a steady income was when I had my own beauty business, I worked from home mainly and did the odd mobile booking. But even with the business, I found my self downsizing it instead of expanding it because I couldn’t cope. I also struggled with book keeping and money management. I closed earlier this year as I couldn’t cope anymore.

Have you considered self employment, are you able to offer any of your skills to others? Running your own business will give you freedom
And flexibility, it may not provide a steady income to start with but it might be worth a try.

Hope that helpsx