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OMG I have searched for any information that would help me understand how to deal with my aging parents. I am 56 they late 70’s and can’t seem to figure out how to get a diagnosis without paying a huge amt of money I dont have.
My parents (I would have thought) should be more supportive in helping get my diagnosis “Right” but exactly the opposite. My issues i had as a child match the profile…so much so I feel I could be a poster child for ADHD.. They (meaning my mom) refuses to read anything I send her to educate her about what might be ADHD. Not only that she stated “why should she read what i send her” and that “its my problem not hers”. She also said all I ever do is complain and its the same story every time we communicate nothing changes. They think i am refusing their (help) in the form of suggestions one being seeing a preist. AHHHHH And one time (out of many) that really stood out and hurt was that I so desperate and contacted them for a loan to stay in hotel one more week..she said no I would have to make other arrangements..I had no other choice and became homeless… I didnt call them every day like my sister because I was trying to deal with these life struggles that everone kept saying everyone else was also going through…
They dont respect me and told me so a while back so to get rid of any stress I could I pretty much distanced myself so I can regroup and figure out what to do.. The Help I finally received was from my biological father who reached out too me and got me back on my feet unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer August 18th and I am Devistated now tomorrow I need to face the family (mom, stepdad & sister) and know I wont be able to handle it …Any suggestions???