Reply To: CBD


Yes, I have used CBD. It really makes a difference. For me, it helps calm me down, and reduce my aches and pains. I am 60 years old, but I have found it helps with everybody. I also sell it (I am not on commission, so I am not trying to sell anything to you. But I can tell you that I greatly favor Charlotte’s Web over +CBD oil. I think it is higher quality. It may look expensive, but the more expensive it is, the more concentrated it is, so you use less per dose. I don’t know anything about doses for children.

What I always tell people is to start with a LOW DOSE. More is not always better. It can take anywhere from a day or 2 to a week or 2 to take effect. Start with 2 doses – 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. I don’t know what a good amount is for a child. Give that dose for about a week, and see if there is any effect. If you are not sure, or if your child feels kind of calmer, but you are not sure, THEN increase the dose. You have to “play” with the dose a bit to find the right level for your child. Good luck!