Reply To: Dexedrine Spansule


I think I had the same issue but reverse med scenario. It’s frustrating trying new meds.
I think they want to start low so you have somewhere to go when you grow immune, but at the same time, you can’t start so low.

I wonder about doing a titration. Like, as you start one med low, lower the med you are on. And ween off one while increasing the other.

I’ve been on dexidrene for so long, that it already wasn’t working, when they swapped to generic, and the generic is horrible. It weaker, the spansules are Bot slow release, and they taste like feet smell.
I need to swap meds but i can’t afford it the lull period. I can’t afford to be inattentive. I have to be able to focus on so many people and tasks. It’s probably the worst possible time to try new meds.
I recommend dexidrine, but not generic sub.