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First of all, you made it into med school, and then also through med school….

Give yourself some credit.

Some of us cant even function enough to leave the house….

So please be a doctor who finds a better way to treat

And now I’m 47 and just found this all out. So I have had to learn these things in the past year.

Accepting this is my brain has been probably the best “therapy” ever.

You can redirect, you can do the things you need to do, it isnt easy, but you do it. Else you wouldnt have made it this far.

You have to learn to give yourself a break.

Look into DBT, dialectical behavior therapy… it helped me, but vyvanse helped too… now I’m not on any thing, because a med screw up and I see how differently I am. I dont know if I will go back on them.

The meds didnt stop my ping pong thinking, but I had less anxiety and emotional regulation..

Neurofeedback (not biofeedback) helps too.

But make sure whom ever you pick for therapy is an ADHD familiar practitioner.

Keep the good work.
Take a walk barefoot in the grass.
Go for a run.
Or a walk or bike ride or workout and spend extra energy and the brain chills out too.

So go on DR.ADHD we need docs who “get it because they live it”….

Best wishes and congrats on med school