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Embrace your ADHD. Once you do it will be all downhill I promise. You have this amazing creative mind that thinks outside the box. So try to stay inside the box a little when you’re in school so your class doesn’t get disrupted due to boredom by you.

A lot of bad stuff happened to me at that age including getting molested thrown out of school, camp eventually home. I knew something wasn’t right but it wasn’t the ADHD. It was the lack of knowledge on how to embrace it and make it work for me.

Ok I just re-read your blog. The difference between you and your friends that have ADHD and the reason they are doing fine is that they have support from their counselor family etc.

You need support, gimme your number ill call you every day and tell you how great you are. I wish I had this kind of foresight at your age, instead, I was going through what you are going through but thought I was the bad person.

ADHD is a learning disability which means you can be taught to live with it. Tough on your own kiddo, sorry about that. It’s not your dads’ fault he is accountable however he should get a clue.

Try taking up drums or another musical instrument. What do you dream of becoming? think of that and how much value you will add to the world. Meds help me a lot but I still have to make myself sit still and pay attention. Ask questions don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking, it’s not all about you. Add value to your classes by participating and understanding that things are difficult for you but it’s not just because of the ADHD it’s lack of support

I promise you I am 60 now But I feel your pain. Hang in there find the gems within your personality stop focusing on what sux, which I know is a lot. Surround yourself with support and F— anyone else that doesn’t give it to you. They don’t know what they do.