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Hello, I am no expert, but I was on Zoloft for 8 years for anxiety (and originally depression). I slowly tapered off Zoloft (which took me about a year as it needs to be done slowly). Now they think I have always had ADD, and I am trying Adderall XR. I find that the Adderall XR lowers my anxiety (I was very surprised) similarly to what the Zoloft did. I wondered when reading your post, if lowering your Zoloft slowly might be something to try … to see if you still need the zoloft / need that much zoloft … now that you have ADD medicine (and if you are no longer depressed?). Maybe lowering the Zoloft will help your ADD problems. Zoloft’s “job” is to increase serotonin basically … which, at least for me now… too much serotonin seems to worsen my ADD symptoms and make me groggy / sleepy. Hence I started thinking “dopamine” … which led me to the ADD med.

When weaning the Zoloft, I found that when I lowered zoloft by 25 mg it took two weeks for withdrawal symptoms (increased anxiety unfortunately) to go away. I would think it was telling me I wasn’t on “enough”. After doing this repeatedly I was not fooled…and waited two weeks, at least, to assess…and yep each time anxiety went back down.
I reduced Zoloft too fast, at the end, by 50 mg to 0 mg, and suffered vertigo for two weeks (I have heard worse stories).