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Thank you so much for all the replies ! It is definately making me feel less alone. I felt “odd” having “both”. I will look into all the things suggested.
Re undermethyation, I am not clear re if that means an impaired ability to absorb folate from vegetables as well as artificial folic acid ? Can you “fix it” by just eating more foods that contain folate ? I realized I have not had a lot in my diet.
Also, I started taking daily one (under the tongue) methyl-folate 500 mcg and one methyl B12 500 mcg. I plan to double that. Not sure if this simple plan will backfire or not.
Thank you everyone. I don’t want to make this “too long”.
One note re the vitamin Inositol (re Dr Amen’s article). I took it when younger with positive results re anxiety. They need to tell people though that it could interfere with birth control. It made me so fertile that I ovulated/cycled every two weeks. It is commonly used to increase fertility…