Reply To: Newly diagnosed – aged 39


Hello everyone,
I’m Nancy and I was diagnosed 10 years ago at the age of 40 also after being treated for depression and anxiety for several years. I also ask myself what if… I would have been diagnosed at a younger age. I always struggled mentally at school because I felt I wasn’t stupid but I didn’t seem to know how to do and say thing the right way. It took me ages to study because I could’nt stay focussed and I was so scared of failing that it stressed me out at my exams. By the way, I’m from Belgium so excuse me if my writing isn’t perfect in English :).
Since I’ve been diagnosed I take meds and feel more focused but as I get older I struggle more with fitting in as before. It is if I’m so angry that people (mostly at work) do not see the capabilities that my ADHD has to give and that they only see the person they want me to be instead of the person that I am. I’ve been changing jobs since I’ve been diagnosed because of that feeling. Searching for something I can’t describe.
It is nice to just write this down knowing that you probably know what I meen because here in Belgium ADHD is like … not taken serious and hardly ever spoken about. Those who do know it think that ADHD is this child that can not sit still and they say that it is overrated because when kids these days are a little bit to excited they are diagnosed with ADHD. And when I try to explain what it really means, that it is so much more then that, people are not really interested. No wonder if you think about it when you know that even our gouverment doesn’t take it seriously. In Belgium we have quit a good medical care system for everyone. Proscribed Medication is 95% compensated by our medical care system but medication for ADHD is only financialy suported untill the age of 18years. When you ask why they proclame that there is no real proof that the condition manifests until adulthood. This is a laugh no ? Hello I’m proof that this is not true !!

Anyway it is hard work being different and thinking different. Nevertheless I’m proud of who I’ve become. I’m a mother of two beautifull sons and I finally got my bachelor degree at the age of 40. So I can’t complain. But sometimes it would be nice to have more people, other than my family and therapist, around me who understood my inner restless feelings a little bit better :).

Thanks for listning