Reply To: Newly diagnosed – aged 39


I was diagnosed at age 40. Looking back, the signs were there but I was in denial about it. My child’s psychiatrist picked up on it and recommended I go see an adult psychiatrist. I hesitated treatment because I didnt want it to change me, I like who I was and what I have become. Treatment has only made things better and knowledge has really helped improve my life overall.

ADDitude Magazine and this website is a great resource. Dr Hallowell has good resources as well.

Embrace your gift (yest I call ADHD a gift or superpower). Now that you have a basis of understanding things that may be helpful or not to you, you can reflect back on yourself and identify where you need help (like starting projects or stability at work). Having some target areas of focus will help you identify the right resources for you. A good therapist that you can work well with can really help you sort things out in the short and long term.

Welcome to the club and best wishes!