Reply To: Newly diagnosed – aged 39


Congratulations! I was diagnosed at 52. Prior to, I’d diagnosed myself (I’m a mental health professional) and, after years of supporting a son with ADHD, I decided to go in for a formal evaluation. I’d received a job promotion that pulled on a different skill set and I felt the strain. After starting medication, I felt many of the same epiphanies – and feelings like gratitude, validation, confusion and “replaying” the past in light of what I now understood and perceived accurately (about myself). I remember the same experience with you described with meal prep. Especially how much less anxiety and stress I feel each day.

It is tough to look back – but that is totally normal and something to just be with. The years before your diagnosis/treatment shaped you and, I’m sure, helped you develop compensatory skills that will only be augmented now!

Best wishes!