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Hang in there—I would feel the exact same way in your shoes.
I too am going through the interview process & it feels like getting reamed.
I keep a typed cue-card in case I get stuck, but invariably it feels so awkward. I hate that they ask the same questions that are clearly listed on the resume & I’m expected not to answer verbatim. That just seems inefficient. If you cared about hiring me, you’d have read the resume. This is the 3rd interview in 3 wks, I can tell I’m getting better. I’ve never heard of robo one-sided interviews like that, that’s weird. There’s no way I’d be able to think on my feet & not start sweating & panicking. I’m 17 classes from graduating & have spent 1/2 my life working in business. Most of the time, if you’re inteligent–someone is going to train you or show you the job–you just have to be teachable. Heck, invoicing could be done by monkeys & yet it seems they are just scrutinizing over every detail. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but the job market is VERY different from the last 10 years I was in it. I’m 34 & this just seems like alot of red tape.