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I only found out that I had ADD at 19 and looking back on my childhood I was punished for so many things that I couldn’t control, I still have self esteem issue because of it. My older sister was the perfect child while I was a mess. I’m still trying to snap out of my habit of comparing myself to her.

As a kid I used to have to listen to music to get to sleep (later found out it’s an ADHD thing) but if my parents caught me with my Ipod at night it would be taken away for a week. I had outbursts and a short fuse in which I would slam my bedroom door, my parents would just remove my door for a week.
They would get angry and disappointed when I failed maths and science tests to which I always tried to remind them that I was a top student in my art and drama classes.

Looking back it’s hard not to judge my parents because they didn’t know why I was like this, hell I didn’t know why I did what I did.

I had depression for a few years before my ADD diagnosis (caused by not understanding why I felt like a failure) and honestly it was easier for them to understand ADD then it was for then to understand depression. At least now I don’t get told to ‘pull my head in’ when having a breakdown.