Reply To: Agitation and retreating

Penny Williams

It’s common to be overwhelmed and agitated when there’s a lot of chaotic noise. You could also be hypersensitive, which would magnify the intensity.

Are You Hypersensitive?

Have you tried music with headphones? Can you go into another room and close the door for an hour to get some things done?

I am spent by dinner time too (fibromyalgia in my case). I’ve learned not to expect much from myself in the evenings and to accept that this is ok — it doesn’t make me a bad mom. I don’t do any chores in the evening. I vegetate in front of the TV for a while and then off to bed. That’s my self-care, and it’s totally acceptable.

Figure out what you need to be the most productive individual and loving mom and make that happen. Your family will benefit from that too.

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