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I too deal with add and methylation issues due to MTHFR (a mutated gene that an alarming number of people have). Do look into methylation! I’ve started taking bioavailable b vitamins from Thorne and their Methyguard plus. for me, my body doesn’t process synthesized folic acid because it is missing a compound that helps methylation. While discovering this, I thought it was going to be the magic pill to all of my problems. LOL> it was not. BUT, i really do think it is a piece to the puzzle. Adderall worked really well when I combined it with counselling from a specialist, but then my doses kept having to get higher, and I had to take it all of the time. I really didn’t like having to rely on it.. just to survive…I was able to come off of the adderall and just knowing how productivity felt helped carry me through. I am now having huge problems again affecting my work, which is why i came here.. for HELP! if you get some methylation tests, and you think about me, please provide an update! I’d love to know how things are working for you and what the doctor suggests.