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Hi. I too have ADHD, OCD and issues with methylation. This is quite a combination and everyone is a little different so I hope I can offer some help/encouragement.
First, the methylation problem. This is genetic and I am guessing that you are heterozygous to the MTHFR gene. This is genetic and you cant change your deficiency. You may find some benefit in taking methylated folic acid and methyl-B12 vitamins since your body cant absorb the folic acid or vitamin B12 in the natural form (non MTFHR mutants will methylate these so the body can absorb them). Ortho Molecular makes some quality products in this category. Eat well, stay off the simple sugars and try to remove corn syrup from your diet. A good omega-3 fish oil supplement can help too (I use Borleans). Remember, if a fish oil supplement leaves a fishy aftertaste or has a fishy smell, it has gone bad and dont take it.
Second, the ADHD. Make sure you work with your psychiatrist on appropriate dosing for the Adderall. Give your body breaks from the medication when you do not require the focus and attention. Find what lower doses and higher doses (very carefully) do to you. Sometimes a lower dose or skipping a few days can help with the OCD.
Third, the OCD. I have been through SSRI, SNRI, antipsychotics, benzodiazepienes etc. I just dont tolerate them well. I have been working with a great ERP Therapist (Exposure Response Prevention) for my OCD. I have made more progress in 1 year than I ever did on medication for the OCD.
Good luck on your adventure.