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Hi there, I don’t know whether or not your reactions are due to ADD, but my rejection sensitivity has more to do with me having a hard time recovering and shaking it off, so that I may refocus on my next task. I’ve let my meditation exercises go lately and my work is suffering. I go to shake it off with a brief walk (bathroom break, drink of water, deep breathing exercises), then get distracted on things that occupy my mind that is NOT work. oops. I was prescribed adderall by my doctor, and did counselling at the same time, but I absolutely don’t like that medicine so I stopped. Because of the dual faceted therapy approach, I ended up walking away at least with knowing how it feels to be focused and productive. This is years ago, so I am feeling unproductive again and too need help with better handling bumps in the road to keep focus and not spiral on to 10 other things and getting nothing done. Your job that has Management tasks like cutting hours of someone who that hurts, can and will elicit emotion responses from people. It is important to keep a level head and be empathetic, which empowers you to see THEIR point of view. It sounds like if you want to maintain a management position, maybe your company can send you to management training, or you can find a course online or in your community. Arm yourself with tools of handling emotional employees, and difficult situations that arise. That way you can calmly respond to an employee like this “i understand it is difficult for you to accept, and this is not a personal decision on my part. This is the direction the business is heading”. And then move on. It is important not to take things personally in the work space. Do things that help build your confidence in your role. When people see your confidence, they may also be less likely to attack you and try to make you feel bad.